Work with Me

My Process

Successful people attract successful people. Let’s ensure your followers genuinely benefit from your initiative, make adjustments where needed – and then celebrate and share their success so that others will be inspired by them and want to follow suit.

I’m here to breathe new life into your brand and boost your bottom line:

  • Clarify your goals and your audience
  • Create programming and messaging that hits the mark
  • Plan and pull together all the pieces
  • Identify unfulfilled needs and turn them into your competitive advantage
  • Report and interpret your data and trends
  • Analyze your competition
  • Make your followers feel welcomed, valued and important

Clients hire me for my process

and the fact that I’m fun, dependable and easy to work with:


This is where I learn all about you and your business. What problems are you solving – for whom and why? What are your strengths, challenges and areas of opportunity? Who are your colleagues and your competitors? What are your core values? Your mission?

Simply put: What keeps you up at night?

It’s important for us to think through your value proposition, what you want to achieve and why, what you want people to do – and how we measure results.


Now that we’re clear on your goals and ideal results, it’s my job to map out a strategic plan detailing how we’ll achieve your goals.

Maybe you need new branding – or a simple refresh. Perhaps it’s time for a website, newsletter, collateral, coffee-table book, social media campaign or educational series. It could be that you’re looking for paid speaking gigs or more outlets to feature and carry your products. You likely need stronger, two-way communications with your followers, along with executive messaging and consistently scheduled and published content.


Want my team to handle all the creative work? Excellent! I’m connected with the best writers, designers, photographers, marketers, event planners and project managers in the business.

We’ll write the content, design the materials, plan the events and put the measurements in place so that we have everything we need for the big launch – and to support your success going forward.

Launch, Strengthen + Grow

This is our rollout – the launch of your new initiative and the creation and building of your followers. Here we call on our strong communication, organization, marketing and project management skills to carry out the plan and make adjustments, as needed.

Our big splash is just the beginning, though. Ongoing communication, outreach, measurement, assessment, sharing success stories and the like will make your initiative shine.

Communicate + Celebrate Your ROI

No project is complete without understanding your return on investment – and a celebration. Upon completion of the launch, I’ll provide an in-depth report recapping the initiatives and measurements, along with guidelines on how to keep everything fresh and exciting. And we’ll highlight, celebrate and share your followers’ successes.

I’ll also deliver messaging that you can share with your boss, colleagues and board of directors that clearly explains the value you’ve delivered and the amazing impact you’ve made on your organization’s bottom line.

Creating a special employee group, business partnership, speaker series, membership initiative or neighborhood alliance from scratch? You need me on your team.