Talk about creating a career out of your passion!

There are few things Laura K Thornton enjoys more than traveling to, and exploring, new cities. And with her sparkly personality, quick-study smarts and model-ly good looks, she’s mapped out an exciting and adventurous career traveling the globe in the trade show industry.

She’s here with me this week in San Francisco where she just wrapped up attracting close to 2,000 potential customers to her client’s booth at the RSAC show – the world’s largest cyber security conference series. Not only does she deliver warm leads to her client’s sales team, she demonstrates products and, in fact, can manage the entire booth staff.

Her next stop: London!

So next time you need a professional trade show associate, Laura Thornton is your ticket to success. Follow @laurakstyle on Instagram for her travel, fitness and fashion pictures and commentary. And check out her Tumblr where she shares highlights from each of her shows.

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