Work, Study, Play: Welcome to 2013

mtIt’s great to be back in action with lots of lively projects, brainstorming with my favorite colleagues and delivering excellent work for our clients.

We’re already busy this year with projects for Amgen and Wax Communications, and, of course, that super-cute website, iList Paducah.

It was the launch of iList Paducah that ultimately led me to the University of Louisville Entrepreneurship MBA program. I loved everything about starting that website, from forming our iList Media LLC partnership with the fabulous Nikki May and Jessica Perkins to fostering the site’s success for the past six years.

I’m now entrenched in the UofL program, ranked 8th in entrepreneurship in the U.S. I’m hoping to fill some skill gaps so that we can expand the site to other communities – and parlay what we’ve learned into similar projects or even something completely different.

In the meantime, I divide my time among Louisville (UofL actually expects us to show up for class!), San Antonio and San Francisco, and I work closely with Nikki and Laura K in Paducah. I try to have a little extracurricular fun, too. Friend me up on Facebook and Twitter –  that’s where most all of the fun stuff goes. I’m also on LinkedIn.

It’s all very exciting, and I’m very grateful to you for helping me along the way. Happy 2013!

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