Whoop! Now Maybe I Can Do This Startup Thing Properly


Take that microeconomics!

Almost two years of classes, homework, presentations, exams (I made up my own bonus questions just to make sure I’d pass) and a whole new crew of great friends later, I’m now an official holder of an MBA degree. Whoop whoop!

I’d heard about the University of Louisville’s Entrepreneurship MBA program several years ago. After launching iList Paducah, and loving every detail of it, I decided to apply – primarily to fill in some skill gaps involving anything having to do with numbers.

I’m happy to report that I passed all my classes – I think I even loved finance and managerial accounting the most. And I’m excited and re-energized to put my new knowledge to work.

Melissa Bagley

And look who came to visit me in San Francisco recently! Melissa Bagley and I became fast friends during MBA orientation and sat together throughout the program. Melissa was fresh from her undergraduate experience at UofL, so she was able to help me navigate the entire system, including that sometimes tricky Blackboard. I am now a pro.

Melissa’s a definite dynamo, who up and moved herself to Denver post-graduation, knowing just a few people and beginning an exciting career for herself. Reminds me of someone else I know….


Speaking of entrepreneurs: Our class, also known as IMBA 19, has launched more companies than any class before us. Among those to add to your watch list: TheraBracelet, Trifecta Cooking Equipment, SmartLanes Technologies, Systemica Health and Appro Therapeutics.

By the way, I’m not in the above class picture because I’m the one who took it. At night. In a garage. With my Nikon and Lightscoop. In fact, it’s one of my favorite examples of how a Lightscoop makes such a great difference with indoor flash photography. Can you imagine how awful the photo would have been without it?

So we’re all well on our way, and have made lifelong friends and fans thanks to UofL. If you’ve had any interest in returning to school as an, um, older student – I highly recommend!

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