Ready for the Revolution: New Crowdfund Investing Committee goes regional with addition of Lexington

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We had another excellent story about our growing Equity Crowdfund Committee – which we’ve renamed the Crowdfund Investing Committee so that we’re inclusive of all forms for crowdfunding, not just the handy-dandy equity kind. We’ve also expanded our reach, adding members from Lexington and thinking about how our work can benefit the entire region.

One of the meeting’s highlights: our special conference call-in guests – the very famous Jason Best, Robert Mitchell and Sherwood (Woodie) Neiss of Crowdfund Capital Advisors. These early industry pioneers wrote the framework for what has become the JOBS Act, which makes this new form of capital raising possible for new entrepreneurs and existing business owners. Head over to Insider Louisville to read the full story.

Thank you, Terry Boyd!


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