INC. Radio Features Lightscoop at CES!

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Drones, clouds, driverless cars. Enough wearables to Bluetooth us from head to toenail.

This year’s International CES was a record breaker, with more than 170,000 (10K more than last year) nerds, geeks and inventors like us gathering in Las Vegas to oogle the more than 3,600 booths spread across enough Las Vegas real estate to break our Fitbits.

Lightscoop interview

One of my favorite highlights? Being interviewed by Alan Taylor of INC. Radio. That’s Alan (above, right) preparing to interview Lightscoop inventor Ken Kobré and me. Ken, Betsy Brill and I own Lightscoop, an amazing camera accessory that instantly improves indoor flash photography.

“This is probably the most simple product I saw at CES that was just brilliant,” Alan says. (We can’t help but agree!)

Here’s a link to Alan’s entire CES episode. Our bit starts at the 36.24 minute mark.

Thanks, Alan!

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