And Thousands of Lightscoop BlogHer 14 Portraits Later

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Well, maybe not thousands, though BlogHer San Jose did attract 4,000 attendees this summer. But we sure took a ton of gorgeous portraits of everyone who stopped by our booth to experience the difference between direct flash and direct flash with a Lightscoop.

Blogher Comparisons

Just look at these beautiful examples!


We had a super-cute booth, with the lovely Erika Kocourkova shooting the before-and-after pictures and the beautiful Nikki May uploading and posting all the images, taking care of all the technology and basically making sure everything ran smoothly. My job was to run my mouth – which I did, all day long, for three days.


This summer’s show was the 10th anniversary of BlogHer – the largest gathering of female (and very progressive male) bloggers. And we have to admit to being a little star struck by a visit from Guy Kawasaki, our patron saint of startups.

Even Jess The Militant Baker – one of Nikki’s favorites – stopped by our booth and nearly gave Nikki a heart attack. Khloe Kardashian made an appearance, with the line forming right in front of our booth, making for quite the captive audience. Always selling!

But best of all? So many bloggers visited our booth with comments such as:

“Oh my God! The Lightscoop! I’ve always wanted one!”

“I have a Lightscoop and use it all the time!”

“I’ve been reading about the Lightscoop – I’m dying to try it!”

“I never use my flash, but I can see how the Lightscoop improves flash photos.”

“I’ve heard other bloggers talking about Lightscoop, so I had to stop by!”

Many thanks to everyone for visiting our booth, blogging about us and buying Lightscoops. We look forward to working with more bloggers and making your indoor pictures just as beautiful as your outdoor pictures.

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