TallyRally Takes Startup Weekend’s Top Prize

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startup weekend

A standing-room only crowd listened in awe as 10-and-a-half teams pitched their business plans at the 2nd Annual Startup Weekend Louisville. Sponsored in part by OPM, more than 50 emerging entrepreneurs spent 54 hours together between March 1 and 3, thinking through ideas and validating them with potential customers.tallyrally

The winner: Sam Bordstadt’s TallyRally (pictured right). She came up with the idea when she and her sister challenged one another to run 500 miles during the course of this year. TallyRally tracks those miles in a fun an interactive way.

Also handy for counting mullets at a Kid Rock concert.

Congrats to Sam and the other nine-and-a-half pitches – the half pitch coming from Enterprise Corp.’s Tendai Charasika, whose team pivoted so often that one member pivoted right over to another team. Nonetheless, Tendai shared his lessons learned, including this one: “Entrepreneurship takes stamina, bitches!”

True, that.

You can find more coverage on the event’s website, Insider Louisville and Business First, which includes a photo of my MBA teammate Hunter Gerlach giving his excellent pitch for Front Row Upgrades.

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